Job Title: Marketing Specialist (Full-Time)

Location: American Pacific Inc. (520 Salem Ave, Holly Springs, MS 38635)

Post Date: March 5, 2018

About the company:

American Pacific is a manufacturer and marketer of home products. We have four business units. The first is Wall Coverings which includes solid wood planking and plywood paneling. The second group is Architectural Accents which is primarily custom made products like fireplace mantels, ornamental plaster and custom raised panel paneling. The third group is Decor which includes art glass and lighting. The fourth group is Adventure which is back yard zip line and swings.

All of the products are durable products so even the most delighted consumer may never buy the same durable product twice. For example, a delighted mantel customer may have only one fireplace and may never need to replace their mantel. As a consequence American Pacific strives to leverage the positive customer experience into sales of our other products relating to the home. In each product, we seek to provide value well in excess of the cost to the consumer. For example, every dollar spent on a fireplace mantel usually increases home value by a ratio of greater than 3:1. The same is true for spending on traditional raised panel paneling and ornamental plaster. Likewise our art glass pieces have the look and functionality and beauty of products costing 3x as much. Our swings and zip lines costing less than $150 provide play value for many years and are often more popular with kids than a swimming pool which could cost a significant amount on monthly maintenance.

Delivering exceptional value to the consumer is the unifying goal in everything we do.

Job Description

American Pacific Inc. is seeking a talented and highly motivated marketing specialist to provide assistance on developing and executing business plans, marketing plans and strategies. The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

  1. Examine and analyze statistical data to identify potential business expansion opportunities and forecast future sales trend;
  2. Collect and analyze data and useful information to identify market rends, competitive advantage, sales, and method of operation;
  3. Initiate market research studies and analyze research information to measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and strategies as well as customers' satisfaction;
  4. Conduct a set of well-developed proposals for company's own website improvement and help redesign the website;
  5. Design and create marketing collateral, including business brochures, flyers, emails, hand-outs, booth display, and etc.;
  6. Work closely with senior management team to develop company's marketing strategies;
  7. Coordinate with management team to implement marketing and business development activities and promote company's products in potential market.

Qualifications / Requirements:

  1. Bachelor's Degree in marketing or related field
  2. Ability to operate autonomously and within a team setting
  3. Effective and personable verbal and written communication skills
  4. Strong problem-solving skills and analytical skills
  5. Experience providing and developing proposals and strategies with research utilizing internal and external data sources
  6. Proficient in MS Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Please send your resume and cover letter to